” If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow “

John Dewey

one on one teaching

If you feel your child will benefit more out of home schooling, as he/she is an exceptional child and does not need to adhere to common classroom practices and pace, we have arranged international teachers who will teach virtually using one on one approach. The benefits are :
• Getting educated by International teachers.
• International Curriculum and School Certificate recognized globally.
• Access to best learning materials from the world
• Access to International Competitions and Clubs.

Our educators

• Our faculty members are highly skilled professionals from various fields.
• They are given special training to teach online effortlessly.
• We choose our educators who are passionate about teaching and inspire learning.


• Classrooms at regular schools are usually overcrowded and noisy, and students can’t focus on their learning. Teachers find it difficult to offer individual attention.
• Our endeavor is to create an environment that will facilitate our students to learn effectively and efficiently using the best educational platform.
• We only offer individual classes or group classes of maximum seven students to maintain individual learning schedules and maintain a balance between on screen and off screen time.


• Socialization is one of the biggest concerns of parents who are interested in enrolling children at an online school.
• Our main goal at Steamie Virtual School is to provide high quality education for students.
• Our special learning system reduces screen time and leaves students with plenty of time to have friends and social life outside of the school hours.