Who are we?

TSS is the first Virtual school in India, transcending Time and Distance. At S T E A M I E, we believe that every learner is an Entrepreneur in his depths and we would like to help them to emerge as strong individuals and leaders of tomorrow.

What we do?

TSS with the ideals of providing learning experience fit for the 21st century learner, is a revolutionary attempt at bridging the gaps in education and learning. Our mission is to mobilize education by cutting the strings of traditional approaches. We are eliminating the cost of expensive tuition fee and capitation and aim for our learners to get the best education, sitting at their homes or comfort zones.

What is S T E A M I E Virtual Education?

S T E A M I E Virtual Education – An effective online pedagogy, is one that emphasizes student centered learning. SVE is a 21st century revolution in the field of education where courses are taught entirely online using state of the art ICT tools. TSS educators are effectively trained to remove barriers created by physical distance between teacher and students. The sessions will be ingeniously designed to be engaging and interesting. Each learner will be engaged virtually only to the extent of healthy learning experience. We provide our students every possible support to make this a seamless process. SVE aims to provide highest standards to education and equal opportunity to all in a very cost effective way.

What are the benefits?

• Access the course from anywhere at anytime. 
Combination of flexibility and freedom of learning. 
Cost effective solution with time management. 
• Global outreach and collaboration
Sharpened digital skills. 
Easy access to educators.

We sow the seed of knowledge today and reap the fruits of leadership tomorrow.

We like to harness the wind and ride towards a new horizon.

If you tell us to run, we will fly !         
We are S T E A M I E !

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