At S T E A M - I E, we believe that every learner is an Entrepreneur in his depths and we would like to help them to emerge as strong individuals and leaders of tomorrow.

S T E A M – I E with the ideals of providing learning experience fit for the 21st century learner, is a revolutionary attempt at bridging the gaps in education and learning. Our mission is to mobilize education by cutting the strings of traditional approaches. We give students, a platform to showcase their  ideas and present it to the world.

1MILE 2025

We are accepting limited entries from each District for better reach and to create an open networking with fellow budding Entrepreneurs.

Message from the Advisors

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We sow the seed of knowledge today and reap the fruits of leadership tomorrow.

We like to harness the wind and ride towards a new horizon.

If you tell us to run, we will fly !         
We are S T E A M - I E !

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