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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


Primary Pathways

The curriculum integrates science, mathematics, literature with arts and believes this integration to be first and foremost in the primary pathways to learning. The goal of arts integration is to increase knowledge of a genera subject, while simultaneously advancing a greater understanding.

Child playing with astronaut helmet and rocket
kids with invention kit at robotics school

Learning with STEAM-IE Education

STEAM-IE Education is empowered by a state of the virtual education platform,  which offers exciting new ways to explore, share and collaborate with an ocean of curated, multimodal content.

Teachers are successfully equipped to meet the needs of all learners across grade levels with research-based strategies, helping them make the most of their lessons. 

21st Century Success Skills - EDP

Students use a systematic approach to solve problems and make improvements while they work. This is called the engineering design process or EDP.

  • ASK : Clarify the problem & its requirements.
  • IMAGINE : Brainstorm possible solutions and research ideas.
  • PLAN : Make final decision and make sketches. Specify desired outsome and needs of the project.
  • CREATE : Build a working model (prototype) that meets the criteria and constrainsts of the problem.
  • TEST : Evaluate the solution through testing. Collect and analyze data to summarize the strenghts and weaknesses of the design.
  • IMPROVE : Make improvements based on the results of testing.
  • SHARE : Show the design to others and get feedback.

Key learning areas